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Iceland is full of magic, and I mean literally magic. Things happen here, healing happens, insights and (hopefully) inner peace too.

Whether is the telluric energy, the lack of massive population polluting the environment with chaotic energy or the beautiful wind, the truth is that here my feet are walking more solidly over the ground, my head is talking more vividly with the clouds and my heart knows it will heal from the door I just closed.

Magic is in the air, really, in the colours, in the sounds, in the silence, the sea, the wind, the snow. It finds you.

There are so many people working as healers here, that I am thinking in having a chat with the mayor of Reykjavik to promote the city as the Glastonbury of the Arctic, or even better: for Iceland to become a leader in spiritual tourism.

I wonder how would then spiritual tourists will behave, would they be more respectful than the previous seekers of wildness? Would they create cults? (Not with me, I am a un-cultable person.) Will all restaurants have food blessed by a guru? How would the merchandising be?

What about souvenirs? Soulvenirs? Catchy...

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