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Contemporary Goldilocks or the amazingness of isolation

Updated: Oct 17, 2020

Almost one week in Reykjavik, not really missing the world and wondering if I am not enjoying too much my state of quarantine.

Some people collect souvenirs from their trips, others pictures of the food they had during their holidays, some other people bring soil from the places they visit....Me, I collect quarantines. I see myself as an expert in them, I can notice the bouquet, the different flavours involved, how dark is the color, the density...If I only had a cellar where to keep all my quarantines...

Spanish quarantine was quite hectic, I had some days here, some days there: a quarantine in staccato. It allowed me to be in my best friend's honeymoon, and halfway to see and not see my family, a peek-a-boo of illness prevention.

The quarantine in UK was...that was paradise...a paradise made of cardboard. But, hey, dismantling my life in inner silence and outer flatness was the best circumstances for me. Saying goodbye with my eyes to all the stages of my life in the last 8 years..., so quickly, nowhere to go, nothing to do apart from the daily packing.

And I am in my cocoon, a beautiful place with big windows and bigger scenery. The city is to yet be discovered, but not today. Everything is outside of these walls, but at the moment, I really need them, this light, this home that has adopted me for some weeks. I need silence, no interferences, I need to observe, while the many internal circuits that have been severed within rebuild themselves.

I need to share my silence, I need to write without a pose, too tired to be funny or smart. Goldilocks has landed.

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