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Back to Barcelona, one of my exes. Ex city, ex partner, ex life. These days (meaning, since I arrived yesterday) I am feeling something strange, new, weird, like an old flame bursting again... this familiarity that is never going to fade away, no matter how much you know in your bones it is not right for you.

Maybe I am never going to find my place, maybe I only feel comfortable in places I don't belong because those ones where I belong asfíxiate me. Thinking like that makes me feel dizzy. Barcelona is inconsiderate, rude, spoiled, worn-out, lively, dirty and beautiful. Reykjavik is calm, lonely, quiet, magic, human, introspective and beautiful. One is my ex, I am dating the other one. I am married to none of them.

With one foot in Barcelona and another one in Reykjavik, is this really the moment to start reconsidering my choices, or is it just a side effect of the human warmth I have experienced in Spain and still missing in Iceland? Do I have enough warmth within to keep myself warm in the winter?

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