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It came from the air

It didn't come from the ground, crawling like poisonous ants, or infecting our feet like scary rats or even showing themselves as ancient gods turned into monsters.

No, it didn't come from the ground.

It didn't come from the water, engulfing our hopeless bodies with hungry giant tentacles, or luring us with impossible lullabies into the deadly seabed or dragging us into the core of their giant wavy stomachs...

No, it didn't come from the water.

It didn't come from the fire, licking our cities and our homes with their sick tongues, or engulfing our bones with their red flickering swords or burning our flesh from the inside out. No, it didn't come from the fire.

It came from the air, from the invisible, the subtle, the bodiless, the insubstantial, ...nothing we could prove, fight, define, touch, smell, hear, taste or see. It came as an invention, as an idea, as a threat designed to spread mercilessly. And so, it penetrated our skin, our lungs, our tissues until it killed our bodies and poisoned our thoughts.

And our thoughts believed everything we heard and didn't see, everything we didn't touch nor smell, everything like the kisses we couldn't taste, the goodbyes we couldn't say, the innocents we couldn't save.

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